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Fun Fact Quiz

Dear Children, 
You will be exploring the solar system, cool animals, and the human body. Find out all about our fascinating universe.
Your brain will definitely get a workout when you read all of these cool facts!

Join the quiz using the CODE: KAUR4932

All you need to know about dolphins!

Hi Children, Summer is fast approaching and before you go on vacation and have the opportunity to get nose to nose with a dolphin, it might be useful for you to learn a bit about these incredible animals. 

The 3 little pigs

Dear Children, 
Today we are going to talk about the famous story 3 little pigs. 

Discover how the 3 little pigs keep a roof over their heads while the big bad wolf is on the hunt!

Dragon Boat Festival

Hello children, 
Dragon Boat Festival, is an important Chinese celebration filled with legends and traditions.

The most important activities of the festival are racing dragon boats and eating sticky rice dumplings. Watch the video below to explore more 

What are Vowels ?

Hello children, 

Today we are going to talk about vowels. 

They are very special because they have long sound and short sound. 

I hope you guys enjoyed the video! 

What are consonants?

Hello children, 
Today we are talking about consonants. 

 Do you know Them? Watch the video below to get more information. 

Hope you enjoyed the video! See you next time.